Flipkart Seller Registration- How to Make Flipkart Seller Account?

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Hello Nayag Readers, Today we know How to create Flipkart Seller Account. For selling on Flipkart, a business or person needs to become a Flipkart Seller by signing up with Flipkart. A business or person can sign up as a Flipkart seller by specifying the information about his/her business and products which he/she proposes to sell via Flipkart.

How to Make Flipkart Seller Account ?

  1. To sell on Flipkart: These Things are Required to Register on Flipkart Seller Account.
  2. Name of the seller
  3. Phone number of the seller
  4. Email address of the seller
  5. Business address/ Pickup address
  6. Classification of product which the seller is looking to sell through Flipkart
  7. Tax registration documents; particularly GST registration
  8. Business registration documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, etc.

2. Register yourself at seller.flipkart.com.

  • Use your mobile number and email id to sign up on seller.flipkart.com. Enter the OTP sent on your mobile number for verification.
  • Check the pin code.
  • The compulsory documents you need to upload are:
    • GSTIN – Your GST identification number.
    • Sample Signatures
    • A cancelled cheque with your bank account details like account number and IFSC code. If you have a company, then the company’s name should appear on the cheque, and if you are an individual, then your name should be present.
  • Finally, you have to verify your bank details. We will send a token amount to your bank account.

3. List your products under specific product categories.

4. Once an order is received, pack the product and mark it as ‘Ready to Dispatch’. Our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.

5. Once an order is successfully dispatched, Flipkart will settle your payment within 7-15 business days based on your seller tier.

Congratulations! Your registration on the Flipkart seller hub is complete. You’re ready! Go to seller.flipkart.com and ‘Start Selling’!

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